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Fred Lambert and my grandfather Berlin Caldwell

Fred Lambert illustrated his book of poetry  and  it was published by Burton Publishing company, Kansas City, Missouri in 1948.  There was a 1970 printing by  Western Heritage Press, Fort Worth,Texas.

J. Frank Dobie wrote:  “His [Lambert’s] rhythm is as natural and regular as a hound dog’s elbow thumping on a ranch galley floor after dark when the fleas get into action.  This foreman, Wild Hoss Charlie that tells so many bunkhouse tales in the book, is really one of the creations of the West.  He deserves to stand up beside Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan.  He is a liar, of course, but he’s authentic as the Encyclopedia Britannica.  His talk is better tonic than a whole case of Peruna with a dozen bottles of Cod Liver Oil thrown in.

From the point of view of bookmaking and illustration, it is a magnificent work.  I predict it will become a rare item of Western Americana.”


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