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the flowers that bloom in spring

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the flowers that bloom in spring

There are wildflowers all over the state of Texas; the first year we were in Seguin, there was a profusion of wildflowers.  This year is the most we have seen since then – and they are a glorious sight!

glorious flowers everywhere!

a glorious sight!

breathtaking . . .

spring in Guadalupe County!

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hello –

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early morning

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ah – Denver winters (going into Spring)!

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Remembering the Denver, Colorado snowstorms that occurred in March . . . and April . . . and even one Fourth of July!

But – oh I often miss those glorious mountains – and even the winters.  Good memories of good times.

thinking of Spring

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available at Pottery Barn

The bird bath serving bowl was a  winning entry in a San Francisco Bay Area design contest sponsored by Pottery Barn.

place card holders

bird bath serving bowls available at Pottery Barn

Will Spring ever arrive??

Early Spring in Denver, Colorado

We have not had snow in Seguin, Texas (although other parts of Southwest Texas were hit with snowstorms this winter).

These snapshots were taken April 1967 when we moved from Houston to Denver.  Hubby had been in Denver for a year before the kids and I arrived (waiting until the Houston house sold and it was the end of a school year).  He wrote about the beautiful tulips that lined the walk of our new home.  On the trip from Houston, we ran into snow from Amarillo until we arrived in Denver.  Our beautiful tulips were frozen.  Spring in Colorado!!


thinking about Spring – in February

Some of the stores are displaying signs of spring – in February (with 49 of the states experiencing a snowy winter!).  However, today has a touch of Spring in the air – and it feels marvelous!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

– Anne Bradstreet