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spoiling the grandson (and loving it!)

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This morning, Hubby and I both had to leave the house early: him for an hour or two and me for several hours.

We left the Teen Grandson asleep in bed.

Each and every morning (almost), my Sweetheart will prepare breakfast.

This morning, he made breakfast before he left – with a note for the Grandson.  What a deal!!

snap of the day – the empties

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the delight of a grandson

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mmmmmmyes! Fresh figs!

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4 Cups whole figs
2 Cups sugar
2 Lemon slices, seeds removed
1 Cup water
1 pinch salt
Yield:  About 4 pint jars

Wash figs in baking soda and water. You may do this in the sink. Rinse well and drain.  Remove the stems.  Leave whole or cut in half–your choice.

In a large, heavy pot, add all the above ingredients. Cook on low for several hours, about three, stirring occasionally so mixture does not stick or burn. DO NOT LEAVE POT UNATTENDED because burning happens quickly.

Cook until very thick.

Ladle hot preserves into hot jars, using canning funnel and oven mitt.

Make sure your lids and bands are boiling hot!

After filling jars, wipe the rims with clean cloth so lids will form tight seal.  Using oven mitt and hot pad, put the hots lids on the hot  jars and then tighten the hot bands.

Process in boiling “granny bath” for 10-15 minutes.  (Or preserves may be stored in fridge for up to one month without the bath.)

If you would like to cook large amounts, just remember that you use half the amount of sugar to figs.

Happy Birthday – 15 year old

For your Birthday

Blessed be the mind that dreamed the day

The blueprint of your life

Would begin to glow on earth,

Illuminating all the faces and voices

That would arrive to invite

Your soul to growth.

Praised be your father and mother,

Who loved you before you were,

And trusted to call you here

With no idea who you would be.

Blessed be those who have loved you

Into becoming who you were meant to be,

Blessed be those who have crossed your life

With dark gifts of hurt and loss

that have helped to school your mind

in the art of disappointment.

When desolation surrounded you,

Blessed be those who looked for you

And found you, their kind hands

urgent to open a blue window

in the gray wall formed around you.

Blessed be the gifts you never notice,

Your health, eyes to behold the world,

Thoughts to countenance the unknown,

Memory to harvest vanished days,

Your heart to fell the world’s waves,

Your breath to breathe the nourishment

Of distance made intimate by earth.

On this echoing-day of your birth,

may you open the gift of solitude

In order to receive your soul;

Enter the generosity of silence

To hear your hidden heart;

Know the serenity of stillness

To be enfolded anew

By the miracle of your being.

– John O’Donohue