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two sentinels

lovely flowers

snap of the day

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flowers for moms

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My very favorite flower is the iris and a close second is the lily.  Each Mother’s Day I receive a lovely flower arrangement with one or both of those flowers in the bouquet.  It is always so beautiful . . . and always touches my heart . . .

I am grateful for this remembrance.

the flowers that bloom in spring

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the flowers that bloom in spring

There are wildflowers all over the state of Texas; the first year we were in Seguin, there was a profusion of wildflowers.  This year is the most we have seen since then – and they are a glorious sight!

glorious flowers everywhere!

a glorious sight!

breathtaking . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day!

In a great romance,

each person basically

plays a part

that the other really likes.
– Elizabeth Ashley

The Bible I carried on our Wedding Day