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remembering an early snow in Denver

Water, is taught by thirst.
by Emily Dickinson
Water, is taught by thirst.
Land — by the Oceans passed.
Transport — by throe —
Peace — by its battles told —
Love, by Memorial Mold —
Birds, by the Snow.

tour Reggie Rivers’ house in Denver!

[An aside:  Reggie Rivers is one of my favorite ex-Bronco players!  His parents were living in our Seguin neighborhood when we first moved here and it was obvious after meeting them, why Reggie is such a Man of Character.]

Reggie Rivers (born February 22, 1968 in Dayton, Ohio) is a professional broadcaster working in Denver, Colorado. From 1991 to 1996, Rivers was a professional American football player who played running back for the Denver Broncos.

Alley Art

Bound by Design Alley Art (photo courtesy of Brad)

traveling with books (“the places you will go”)

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I got my Tattered Cover “Fix” – at last!!

Jerry Seinfield:

A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.

George Carlin:  I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman:  “Where’s the Self Help Section?”  She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.

The Tattered Cover is one of the largest independent bookstores in the nation.  My first visit to the Cherry Creek store must have been in the mid- 1970s.

I remember when the store moved from the third street(?) address up the street to a larger building that had been a department store.  Loyal customers helped move the books to the new location.

Then the LoDo (lower downtown) Tattered Cover opened just before we moved from Denver.  After our move to Seguin, a branch was opened in Highland Ranch and the Cherry Creek store was moved to Colfax Avenue in the old Lowenstein Theater.

Together the stores maintain an inventory of over a million books.  The customer service is excellent (EXCELLENT!).  The staff is knowledgeable about the books (and much else); one can read a book in the coffee shop . . . and then purchase or not; other than this visit, I either see someone I know or a ‘famous’ person I know from news/television/movies/books.

Although I really enjoyed the Fourth Story Restaurant above the Cherry Creek bookstore, the Encore Restaurant adjoining the Colfax bookstore was a nice place to grab a bite to eat and visit.

I really miss this place and was thankful for a recent short visit.

Read Anatomy of an Indie Bookstore.

The Tattered Cover

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I wish the Tattered Cover had another location – right here in Seguin, Texas!

I MISS the Tattered Cover!

Joyce Meskis began her career in the book industry during college working in a university bookstore. In the intervening years she became the owner and President of the Tattered Cover Book Store, establishing it as one of the industry’s preeminent independent bookstores. During her tenure she has worked with the multitude of diverse publishing companies throughout the United States and beyond. Ms. Meskis is the recipient of many awards for her service to the book community, as well as in recognition for her work on behalf of the First Amendment. Awards include the Walter J. Brennan, Jr. Award from the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, the American Booksellers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, and the American Library Association’s Freedom to Read Foundation Role of Honor Award.

Watery Wednesday

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ah – Denver winters (going into Spring)!

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Remembering the Denver, Colorado snowstorms that occurred in March . . . and April . . . and even one Fourth of July!

But – oh I often miss those glorious mountains – and even the winters.  Good memories of good times.

snap of the day

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Everybody loves my Baby

I love Facebook!

Who would have ever thought that Facebook would/could help me make so many connections: family, friends, acquaintances, new friends – and by golly – memories??

Reading the inspirational blog of Colleen Smith (which I’ve followed since I began blogging – and so thankful I discovered her), brought back all the good Denver, Colorado memories.  Colleen’s blog has uplifting as well as common-sense thoughts and I love visiting.

Probably the first time we heard Lannie Garrett sing was about 1979 . . . or thereabouts . . . and we loved her voice and her theatrics and visiting with her (she was friendly and fun and she  volunteers her voice and time for several good causes in Denver).  Viewing some of the recent videos and listening to the audios of Lannie, I don’t think she has aged at all.  Her voice is still strong and lovely – and brought back the  good memories of our times (three times!) in Colorado. . .

Ah – Colorado memories . . .

Will Spring ever arrive??

Early Spring in Denver, Colorado

We have not had snow in Seguin, Texas (although other parts of Southwest Texas were hit with snowstorms this winter).

These snapshots were taken April 1967 when we moved from Houston to Denver.  Hubby had been in Denver for a year before the kids and I arrived (waiting until the Houston house sold and it was the end of a school year).  He wrote about the beautiful tulips that lined the walk of our new home.  On the trip from Houston, we ran into snow from Amarillo until we arrived in Denver.  Our beautiful tulips were frozen.  Spring in Colorado!!


taking care of business (retired from!)

remembering Denver winters – brrrrr!

There is so much I love about Denver.

The people.

The mountains.

The Arts.

The museums.

The fantastic Denver Library!

The Tattered Cover – browsing through all of the books; a cup of coffee in the TC’s coffee shop.

Racine’s Restaurant (oh yes!).


And more.

It was so peaceful and lovely to be warm and cozy during a gentle snow.

BUT, I don’t miss shoveling the snow or driving on icy roads –

or dangerous snowstorms.

Again, BUT,

the marvelous things about Denver outweigh shoveling snow

and being very very cautious while driving on icy roads.

However, after living in Seguin, I certainly do notice the Mega-Traffic when we visit!

NOT the Tattered Cover Bookstore

I really really really miss the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver! [which this is NOT]