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your vote counts

Voting connects citizens with their political process. It helps choose our leaders (those who share our views or those who may inspire us). The simple act of marking a ballot tells our leaders what we think about decisions that affect our lives.

Voting connects us to one another as citizens. By taking part in an election and by expressing our point of view, we help our democracy work. By agreeing or disagreeing with our leaders we show that the political system can accept differing points of view and can resolve them. By not voting, we break the connection between individual citizens and their community.

Voting helps to safeguard our freedoms. A democratic community can only survive if its citizens see participation in the political process as a duty and a responsibility.

Thank goodness, we can vote in our country without fear of physical harm, imprisonment, endangering our families or even being killed – which is not the case in some countries.  We have certain rights and privileges in the United States and we also have responsibilities.  We have a voice.  Doing nothing (not voting) is a choice – a choice which has consequences.

Early voting for the Texas election is October 18 to 29, 2010.  November 2 is the general and special election.

Guadalupe County Elections site

Guadalupe County Justice Center

Guadalupe County’s new Justice Center is open for business.

“It’s been a long and tedious process,” Wiggins said of the project, which was begun in March 2009. “But, it’s been a huge team effort, not only for the Commissioners Court, but for many, many others.”

Wiggins credited architectural firm Thorn and Graves and the Koehler Co., who built the center and garage. He thanked the commissioners who bought the building in 1998, noting that without their vision the center wouldn’t exist.

The center, at 211 W. Court St., is part of a $7.9 million renovation of the former Economy Furniture Building that is wired with 11 miles of cable and state-of-the-art technology. The project was begun in March 2009.

{excerpt from article by Vincent T. Davis, Express-News, August 25, 2010}

The first floor includes the Commissioners Court, the technology section and the Veteran’s Administration office.  The second floor is empty at this time, but available for expansion.

snap of the day

Geronimo Creek on the Warpath

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Flooding in Comal and Guadalupe County was blamed for at least one death Wednesday morning, after about 11 inches of rain inundated the area and caused extensive damage and evacuations in the area.

history in photographs

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John Gesick signs books



a great history - in photographs