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poor camera

I wore glasses from the time I was eight years old (HATED being called “Four Eyes” but was extremely near-sighted) – and thank goodness for the glasses.

When my eyes developed cataracts, everything looked kinda misty and cloudy (actually rather pretty – a bit other-worldly or dreamy).  Now, of course – thanks to modern medical science, I have 20-20 vision in one eye and 20-30 vision in the other and although I  DO need reading glasses for small print, I no longer live in a dream world.  [for the most part!]

However, I think my camera has developed cataracts – and unlike humans, there is no help in sight (pun intended).

Alas: is a new (and better) camera in the offing?? I feel lost when I’m not snapping snapping snapping . . . documenting my life in pictures . . .