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God bless our veterans



Mr. and Mrs. Berlin Caldwell, Sr., have received word from the War department that their son, Berlin, Jr. was killed in action in Korea on August 18.  The telegram which they received late yesterday evening reads:

“Deeply regret to inform you that your son, TSgt Berlin Caldwell, Jr., U.S. Marine Corps, was killed in action August 18, 1950 in the Korean area in the performance of his duty and service of his country.

“No information available at present regarding disposition of remains.  Temporary burial in locality where death occurred probably.  You will be promptly furnished any additional information received.  Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. Letter follows.

“C. B. Cates, General U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant.”

Young Caldwell was born on December 24, 1920 and up to the time that he joined the Marines in 1939 he had spent his whole life in Springer.  He was a graduate of the Springer High School.

As a result of his close application to the duties in the Marines young Caldwell quickly qualified and was awarded for expert rifleman, expert Thompson submarine gunner, sharpshooter, pistol expert and bayonet expert.

At the opening of our participation in hostilities of the second World War, he was shipped to the Pacific theatre of combat and with a contingent of Marines he landed on Guadalcanal in October 1942 and stayed with a group mopping up Japs who had sought refuge in the jungle interior, until this job was completed in February 1943.

During this period of service, he contracted elephantiasis and was returned to San Diego, California where he was hospitalized for several months, later being sent to a Marine hospital in Chicago for further treatment.

With each expiration of his enlistment period he reenlisted.  For the past numerous months before being shipped overseas, he was stationed at Quantico, Va.  With his contingent he embarked for duty in Korea on July 14.

He was married and has three children, the wife and youngsters now being residents of Springer.


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