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aprender una segunda lengua

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Mi bisabuela, Maria de los Santos Leal Sammon

Mi bisabuelo, Robert Walker Sammon

cooking . . . while learning a second language

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I was always last clarinet in orchestra (there could have been two clarinets – or twenty – I was ALWAYS last clarinet – no musical talent whatsoever).

Now, I am LAST chair in Conversational Spanish.  However, I am very determined.  I will learn to say something other than “Hola!” in Spanish.

I love to cook (when there are no other pressing obligations – and I can cook, bake, and dream  – with no  interruptions – in the kitchen).

Sooo, it seemed logical to combine my love of cooking with my desire to learn Spanish.

But – where are the subtitles???!!!  What on earth will I be cooking??

Me ayudan!