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early voting ends today

last night’s snap

sparks flew!

The burner in our top oven ‘frazzled’ and ‘sparked’ in the midst of some cookie baking.  Jim Ranft (Ranft Appliances in Seguin, Texas) said that this generally happens when there is a drought and/or the ground around the house is too dry and the electrical connection isn’t ‘grounded.’  Who would have ever thought ???

Yule Fest was BUSY this weekend

Yule Fest has been a part of Seguin’s holiday shopping for almost 30 years, Seguin Oakwood Art League president Jeanne Palmer said, adding that it has been hosted the last five years by the Oakwood Art League and that this is their largest fundraiser.

“The funds are used to support the arts in Seguin,” she said. “We use the funds to put on three art contest for kids – one on the high school level, one on the middle school level and one on the elementary level. The funds also go toward the murals in Seguin.” [excerpt from Seguin Gazette article]

We are fortunate to have so much artistic talent in Seguin and the surrounding area.
What marvelous personal Christmas gifts were available!

The Seguin Oakwood Art League is one of the special attractions in Seguin and how proud we are of these artists who give so much to the community.

the silence of sculpture

"Ann and Mary" by sculptor Marika Bordes

John O’Donohue in Eternal Echoes Exploring Our Yearning to Belong writes:

Nietzsche said, “The relationship between music and life is not only that of one language to another; it is also the relationship of the perfect world of listening to the whole world of seeing.”

Sculpture attempts the same presence.  The pure silence of a piece by Barbara Hepworth can catch the quiet symmetry at the heart of things.  Giacometti creates such poignant shapes, long slender figures who seem to be thinning out into the nothingness of the air and the gallery.  It is almost as if they are inhabited by some mystical humility which urges them to let go. . . . Sculpture is a powerful and wistful form of presence.  There is an old anecdote that when Michelangelo was finished carving the sitting Moses, he was so enthralled with the figure’s presence that he tapped him on the knee with his chisel and said, “Moses, get up.”

Seguin Sculptor Marika Bordes’ magnificent sculptures in wood are on exhibit at the Seguin Heritage Museum; if you have not yet visited, do go.  Her art is breathtakingly beautiful.

Moses - by Michelangelo

Dear Santa,

’tis the season!