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anonymous facebook posts

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________ _________ ___________

wants to say thank you to the people who have walked into my life and made it great but also thank you to those who have walked out of it and made it fantastic!

{Apologies to the person who posted this on Facebook – however, it does bring a smile to one’s face!}

remembering good times

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hear, speak, see - no evil

The origin of the proverb “Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil” is unknown. However, the phrase usually means that a person does not want to get involved because this person chooses to see, hear and speak nothing. The phrase is represented by the Three Wise Monkeys from the 7th century, each of which covers its ears, eyes, and mouth with its own hands. The three monkeys were carved on the door of the Sacred Stable in Nikko, Japan. The names of the three monkeys are Mizaru (See No Evil), Kikazaru (Hear No Evil) and Iwazaru (Speak No Evil) which also translate to the well-known phrase.

cows and ducks and trucks and buses

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