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honoring those who honor us

The Seguin-Gazette Enterprise Vision Awards and Mary Lee Roberts Citizen of the Year Award always go to deserving and committed Seguin citizens who do so much for our community – selflessly, quietly, and constantly.  Each time we have attended this Awards Ceremony, every person who has been honored always makes the claim that he/she doesn’t deserve to be singled out and is just doing what they feel is right.  These folks give of themselves with no thought of themselves.  They have all made significant contributions to our community.

Sheriff Arnold Zwicke is the 2009 Citizen of the Year and Vision winners were Vickie de la Rosa, Tres Hewell, Sandra Moline, and Hope Vasquez.  Each of these individuals is deserving of the awards and Seguin is so proud of them!

Hubby and I were trying to reconstruct the Seguin citizens who have been given these awards throughout the years and, since we can’t remember Squat anymore, couldn’t recall when the newspaper initiated this awards ceremony.

For 2006 –  The Harleys received the Citizen of the Year Award.  This group has played for so many causes in Seguin (donating their talents and their time).  The Harleys who were recognized that year were: John Masterson, Greg Ronning, Mike McGrew, Mike Story, Rick Bowerman, Ron Sozzi and Craig Hayden.  Vision awards were given to Edward Davila, Harold Bogisch and Kay Martin.

For 2007Fanny Harkins was Seguin Citizen of the Year and Vision Award honorees were Mildred Woerndel, James “Tuddy” Dietz and Seguin Police Chief Luis Collazo.

For 2008 Irma Lewis was honored as Citizen of the Year.  Earning Vision awards on the night were Suzanne Sanders, Stanley Naumann, Ernest Leal and John Gesick.

Photo added February 1, 2010:

DeLois Garrett and Mary Lee Mays Roberts

The citizen of the year award is named in honor of longtime former society columnist Mary Lee Roberts (1928-2007) who passed away in 2007 after a lifetime of community service in which her ambition wasn’t only to make Seguin a better place to live but to help other people see just how great this community really is.

DeLois Garrett (1928-2008):

“I have lived a full and wonderful life, blessed with a loving family, good friends and happy memories.”