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clam chowder – 1905 – New York



Shorpy Historic Photographs - New York, 1905 "Clam Chowder"


Click on the photo to enlarge and view the “Clam Chowder” sign on building.

“Clam Chowder Today”

“Clam Chowder Every Friday”

“Wm Inwood Choice Groceries”

“We Give S&H Green Stamps”

remembering – always

Reviving Ground Zero

what we have . . .

is a failure to communicate . . . according to Kathleen Parker’s opinion piece in the Washington Post.


The national debate about building a mosque near Ground Zero in New York is less about our freedom of religion than about the common sense and uncommon courtesy sometimes required to come together as Americans. In our society, we are free to do many things that we nonetheless choose not to. During my lifetime, a number of racial and ethnic slurs have been effectively banned from our national vocabulary — not because our free speech has been limited, but because we recognize that these words are deeply offensive to our fellow citizens and we decide to avoid them.

Karen Hughes – opinion piece in the Washington Post –  Sunday, August 22, 2010

Suzy digs out . . .

My friend Suzy, in Freehold, New Jersey,  finally dug out . . . and shared some of the pictures from this terrible snowstorm that is blanketing most of the country.  Even Dallas and Amarillo have snow (not to the extent that the East Coast has been seeing).

Amarillo has received 16.5 inches of snow since December 1.

My son and family live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York and they have also been shoveling snow!