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whatever would I do . . .

without Lone Star Printing??!!!

January 2011 issue of Scorpio Tales - SOON!


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Lone Star will still be on Austin - only one door down from the corner

Farmington friends – newsletter at the printers (thank goodness for Lone Star Printing!) and should be ready next week . . . and in the mail shortly after . . .


I love Seguin!

Checked in at Lone Star Printing today about alumni newsletters (Lone Star does a great job with the Scorpio Tales!).  Snapped a photo on my way out (although the ailing camera has a Will of Its Own and sometimes a picture appears . . . and sometimes not).

I love Seguin!

And I love Downtown Seguin.  If time had permitted this morning, I would most certainly have strolled down to Amy & Cathy’s or ChiroJava for a drink and sat awhile to look at the goings on at Central Park (which is always hoppin’).

A good opinion piece in the Seguin Gazette-Enterprize by Mary Jo Filip about Downtown Seguin.

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number thirty-three

Issue No. 33 - Scorpio Tales Newsletter

SCORPIO TALES is at Lone Star Printing!

Published soon!

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