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from The Book of Qualities by J. Ruth Gendler

Harmony doesn’t seem extraordinary until you have known him for a while.  He knows how to be gentle, and such gentleness is surprisingly powerful.  The silence around him is lyrical.  If I sit in his kitchen in the late afternoon and drink ginger tea, by the time I am ready to go home the contradictions inside my head are no longer shouting at me and trying to tear each other apart.  He gives me space to be my whole self.

It may be hard to believe it now, but there was a time when Harmony was afraid to leave his house.  I am not sure about the whole story.  In college he was an outstanding athlete, and he won many prizes.  One summer when he was training intensively, he became dissatisfied with the whole set-up.  Torn apart inside, he could no longer keep his balance.  He alienated many of his friends with his tirades about hypocrisy and ugliness.  Frustrated with people, he took long walks through the neighboring countryside.  He found sanity in the geometry of the old buildings and started dreaming about how to organize spaces in which he could feel more comfortable, thus stumbling into the profession of architecture through a back door.  He has learned how to design rooms which evoke different aspects of our selves.  Although he is a meticulous architect, he is no longer fussy and alienated.  He can go anywhere now.  Simply by being himself, he alters the current in the field around him.

life is a balancing act

Life is indeed a balancing act – but how marvelous that we can juggle several things at once!  Noticing the activities of my grandchildren, I realize that maintaining a Sense of Balance starts early.  Although when I was young and dealing with studies and a social life and  Learning about Life, I didn’t really think of it as juggling: I just did it.  The same holds true when I was a young wife and mother – working and mothering and maintaining a relationship with my husband and with friends: it did not seem a hardship (that is not to say that there was no stress – but we can handle stress). 

Now, past mid-life, I am still making choices and juggling and balancing – and I find it invigorating and wouldn’t live  any other way.  In other words: no regrets through each stage of my life – from the First Act until now.

A balancing act essentially is Maintaining Balance – which at times may be challenging – but I’ve found it to be ultimately rewarding and am so grateful for each and every moment.

I’m especially grateful for the folks I’ve met along the way as I deal with Balance.  Hubby and I often comment about the dear friends we have  since Time Immemorial and friends from each walk of life, each place we have lived, each organization or group in which we participated, each new contact . . . .

Life is rich.  Life is good.

Now, in my dotage, it is truly invigorating to be testing the waters via the internet: Facebooking, blogging, electronic mailing, googling.  It is amazing how one can connect with friends – old friends, new friends – and immediately learn what is going on in the world, find a recipe, learn about particular interests (books most especially comes to mind!), venture out – balancing all the way!

AND, if I now and then drop something, life continues on (as a friend commented recently, the earth doesn’t stop spinning on its axis).

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”
Thomas Merton