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There are several blogs I visit (almost daily) and one of them is “Holy Ordinary” – a blog which always inspires and uplifts me.  My Troth ancestors were of the Quaker persuasion and Bill Brent’s blog especially appeals to me.

And Quaker Richard Foster’s writings speak to my heart.  [Heard Foster a few years ago in San Antonio at a two-day seminar and he speaks as well as he writes.]

I’m borrowing some thoughts from Brent Bill’s Quaker Thoughts on Life:

…, oh, how sweet and pleasant it is to the truly spiritual eye to see the several sorts of believers, several forms of Christians in the school of Christ, every one learning their own lesson, performing their own peculiar service, and knowing, owning, and loving one another in their several places and different performances to their Master, to whom they are to give an account, and not to quarrel with one another about their different practices. For this is the true ground of love and unity, not that such a man walks and does just as I do, but because I feel the same Spirit and life in him, and that he walks in his rank, in his own order, in his proper way and place of subjection to that: and this is far more pleasing to me than if he walked just in that track wherein I walk.

~ Isaac Pennington, 1659


Acknowledging Others

“The first rule of dancing is to be aware of all the others in the room.” — so writes Diana Nishita Cheifetz  in Graceful Neighboring Dancing with Our Diversity in the 2006 issue of Weavings, A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life.