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what are the youngsters wearing?

Nordiska Kompaniet Department Store in Sweden, more commonly known as NK, is the most exclusive department store in Sweden which has two buildings, one in Stockholm and the other in Gotenburg. The design of the building in Stockholm is influenced by art nouveau and has lots of services such as restaurants, bars, cafes, personal stylists, dry cleaning and a lot more.

It was founded in 1902 by Josef Sach who wanted to create a department store which would offer quality products and services to its customers. NK in Stockholm houses more than 100 different shops spread out over the six shop floors, so it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, whether it is typical Swedish designs or international brands, NK has it all. Some of the most popular shops are Orrefors and Kosta Bado.

fashion (from the staircase series by Issey Miyake)

I’m not certain how one would ‘navigate’ wearing this dress, designed by Issey Miyake from his “Staircase Series” of fashion.

In 2005 the Japan Arts Association awarded Miyake a Praemium Imperiale for outstanding achievement in the arts. In 2006 he became the first fashion designer to receive the Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy for lifetime achievement, awarded by the Inamori Foundation in Japan; the prize included a diploma, a 20-karat-gold prize medal, and 50 million yen (about $446,000). The organization singled out as seminal the clothing line Miyake developed in 1993 called Pleats Please, which “allows unrestricted body movement while enabling the fabric to maintain its form,” and A-POC (“A Piece of Cloth”), which was made from a single thread with the aid of an industrial knitting or weaving machine programmed by a computer. Miyake had begun experimenting on A-POC more than 10 years earlier with textile expert Dai Fujiwara before launching it commercially in 1999. Insisting that A-POC was an ensemble piece, he refused to imprint his name on that collection. He sold it simply as a long tube of jersey, and it was then up to the customer to cut and shape it.

my beautiful little sister

As late as the 1960s, well-dressed women wore gloves.  We always wore short gloves and hats when we attended church (wearing a dress or suit – never never pants).

Gloves were a fashion statement. We wore long gloves for a formal evening.  Calf skin  gloves.  Satin gloves.  Cotton gloves.  Goat skin gloves.  I had an entire drawer layered with gloves.

My beautiful sister in a ruffled gown  displays her long white gloves.

Kidskin is an extremely soft, smooth, thin type of leather, made from the skins of milk-fed baby goats (kids). These kids are carefully raised so that they do not eat herbiage (which will change the texture of the skin in undesirable ways), or get bruised or scratched, so that their skins remain perfect and smooth. Kid leather is used for fine-grained, glace-finished (that is, grain finishing, a process in which a smooth, shiny finish is made on the topside of the skin by soft buffing or polishing on plush wheels) gloves, and kid gloves are often dyed so that the inside of the glove remains white. The traditional color for the kid glove – the default color, as it were – is white or some other related shade like ivory or taupe, and this color was and is especially favored for formal wear, but other colors, such as black, red, blue and brown have also found favor.

Are gloves making a comeback?  I love the look of gloves with any outfit; guess I will look for an empty drawer in hubby’s chest.

alas – I will never be fashionable

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Alexander McQueen shoes

Alexander McQueen shoes

Alexander McQueen shoes

struttin’ footwear

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