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Darling Belk – my 4th great-grandfather

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Darling Belk - "aged about 72 years" d June 30, 1835

My fourth great-grandfather, Darling Belk, is buried in the Old Antioch Cemetery in Union County, North Carolina.  This cemetery is also referred to as the “Belk Cemetery.”

Narcissus (“Nicey” in some census records) Belk was the daughter of Darling Belk and Agnes Nelson.  Narcissus was born December 29, 1793 in North Carolina.  She married Alfred  Brown.  The Brown family settled in Benton County, Arkansas where they are buried.

Alfred and Narcissus had a son named for his father and this Alfred (Alford) Brown (1826-1865) married Louisa Jane Centers and their daughter Martha Letitia Brown was my great-grandmother.

The Darling name was passed down through several generations of Belks and Browns and was generally shorted to “Darl.”

Alfred (Alford) Brown and his older brother Darling Brown are buried in Spring Creek Cemetery (as are other members of the Brown family) with the inscription on their tombstones:

“Killed in War March 14, 1865”

The Belk family was of English or Welsh lineage.  Darling Belk’s father John Belk was born about 1718 in England.

John Belk’s tombstone reads:
Born in England
1710 – 1788

John Belk is buried at the old cemetery of Antioch Church on the Trinity Road in Buford Township, Union County (formerly Mecklenburg County), North Carolina.

“We are the children of many sires, and every drop of blood in us in its turn … betrays its ancestor.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson