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“She did not simply visit this world, she made a difference.”

Bart and Lynn Holaday

She did not simply visit this world, she made a difference. – Bart Holaday

I leave this life grateful and fulfilled.  I am at peace; I am not afraid. – Lynn Buckingham Holaday



photo memories

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs was/is such a marvelous place to relax, golf, hike, meet friends, eat superb meals, and just enjoy oneself.  I fondly remember many good times at the Broadmoor.

Interestingly enough (or not), a car dealer here in Seguin grew up in a home on the beautiful golf course at the Broadmoor.  {It is a small world.}

We would sometimes wander over to the Ice Hall and if one was lucky, could catch one of the Ice Skating Legends (such as the beautiful figure skater Dorothy Hamil).

The Golden Bee is on the grounds of the Broadmoor and is always filled with laughter, sing-alongs (often times the singing is led by a visiting Opera singer – or two), and a person can become friends with total strangers (if only for a night).  Conviviality reigns!  [The photo of the kegs was snapped one memorable evening at the Golden Bee.]  The “regulars” have their own beer mugs or/glasses etched with their names, which are kept on a shelf behind the bar.

“The history of The Broadmoor is rich with a cast of interesting and exciting characters and events. The discovery of gold in the Victor and Cripple Creek areas brought together a group of men and women who exemplify the pioneer spirit of the West. One individual who played a pivotal role in the building of The Broadmoor was count James Pourtales.

“Pourtales came to the area from what is now Poland. Being a man of vision he developed the concept of building a casino on what is now The Broadmoor property. His idea was to subdivide the land around the casino for homes for the wealthy citizens of Colorado Springs. Pourtales decided to build a lake as a focal point for the elegant Broadmoor residences. True to his design, the lake enhanced the beauty of the land. Pourtales vision disappeared as quickly as the water in his lake, which mysteriously emptied itself fourteen days after it had been filled. The lake which had appeared sound was peppered with prairie dog tunnels which drained the water away. At great expense, the burrows were filled with clay and the bottom was sealed with clay. Today the lake remains one of The Broadmoors’ most enduring features.”

“The Golden Bee originally came to The BROADMOOR in 1961 as a collection of panels and fixtures from an entire 19th-century pub that were shipped from England and reassembled in Colorado Springs – a town once nicknamed “Little London.” Celebrated as a unique dining adventure, the Golden Bee offers wonderful pub-fare and plenty of English charm. A ragtime piano player tickles the keys to a repertoire of sing-a-long songs, and the ale is served in yards.

“The Golden Bee’s atmosphere exudes a feeling of warmth and friendliness. The sounds of a ragtime piano, played by resident pianist Bud Kruezer and others can be heard nightly at The Golden Bee. Beginning at 8:30 p.m., classic songs including Sweet Caroline, Margaritaville, and Piano Man are played by request, and patrons are encouraged to grab songbooks, raise their glasses, and sing along!”