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bring change to mind

Change never happens without action. In the past, companies have made commitments to change their policies and behavior affecting the environment by signing the CERES Principles; people in the LGBTQ community by becoming signatories to the Equality Principles and others have altered discriminatory practices like apartheid in South Africa by signing the Sullivan Principles. These Principles are working.

Over 57.7 million Americans — 26 percent of the country — live with a diagnosable mental illness in any given year. Yet two-thirds of those affected never seek treatment in large part due to the stigma of being labeled “mentally ill,” and the resulting discrimination in social relationships, housing and employment. Tragically, every 17 minutes someone in American commits suicide, 90 percent of whom are living with some form of mental illness. Mental illnesses remain the leading cause of disability in the U.S., costing society over $190 billion annually. With one in four families having a family member living with a mental illness, there is also a hidden cost — the drain on productive work by family members caring for loved ones. – Glenn Close