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Texas Choice Barbeque - Kingsbury Street

Texas Barbeque!

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A few of the differences that distinguish Texas BBQ from barbeque in other regions of the country or world are as follows:

  • In Texas, the meat used most often is beef. And among the various beef cuts, brisket is hands-down the most popular. There’s something about taking a tough piece of meat like a beef brisket turned it into a tender delicious masterpiece that excites most Texans.
  • Another difference is the barbeque sauce. Every Texas barbeque lover knows that there is nothing like the original Texas BBQ sauce. This famous sauce has a sweet and spicy, tomato-based flavor that is thick and delicious.
  • Texas BBQ contains special seasonings and spice mixtures that are added to the meat, sometimes as a rub before it is barbecued. These spices are quite often ones that are readily available everywhere but used very frequently in much of Texas food.

Although Texans are obviously kind of biased toward Texas Barbeque, we understand other regions of the country have their own BBQ traditions and legacies. Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, and The Carolinas are a few that come to mind. As a matter of fact, great barbecue traditions can be found all over the world. South American countries like Brazil and Venezuela have long-standing traditions of barbeque.

Johnny’s Bar-B-Que is located at

6036 S State Highway 123
Seguin, TX 78155-7248
(830) 379-0275