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weighing and wanting

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Combining the political with the poetic, William Kentridge’s work has made an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene. Dealing with subjects as sobering as apartheid and colonialism, Kentridge often imbues his art with dreamy, lyrical undertones or comedic bits of self-deprecation, making his powerful messages both alluring and ambivalent. Perhaps best known for his stop-motion films of charcoal drawings, the internationally renowned South African artist also works in etching, collage, sculpture, and the performing arts, opera in particular.

alone – movie theatre – Edward Hopper

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I could look at Edward Hopper’s paintings forever, I think, and find something new about them each time.

Hopper was a frequent movie goer and I especially like this painting.  However, even when Hopper painted groups of people, there was always a sense of being alone.

‘With Hopper the whole fabric of his art seems to be interwoven with his personal character and manner of living.’ – Charles Burchfield

the living camera

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Stephen Wiltshire is amazing.

Stephen Wiltshire (born April 24, 1974) is an architectural artist who has been diagnosed with autism.   Wiltshire was born in London, England to West Indian parents.  He  is known for his ability to draw a landscape after seeing it just once. He studied Fine Art at City & Guilds Art College. His work is popular all over the world, and is held in a number of important collections.

The art of Tim Burton

The art of Tim Burton – fascinating . . .

I`ve always loved the idea of fairy tales, but somehow I never managed to completely connect with them. What interests me is taking those classic images and themes and trying to contemporize them a bit.