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never too young (and never too old)

A couple or three years ago, driving from Denver to Seguin  with Oldest Grandson in tow, he and I took turns reading Eragon (a teen fantasy novel), written by fifteen-year-old Christopher Paolini (and published when he was 17 years old).

I enjoyed the book as much as Grandson #One  (labeled #One because he was the firstborn grandson; all of my grandchildren are NUMBER ONEs!).

Looking forward to reading Swordbird by Nancy Yi Fan to and with my youngest granddaughter (for I think this book would appeal to her – and quite likely to me as well).

One is never too young to write (published or not) nor too old (witness Alistair MacLeod’s first novel, No Great Mischief, published when he was 65 years old – for which he won the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award).

A friend recently wrote that her thirteen-year-old niece won a writing award (this  niece is in a literary family that encourages independent thought and creativity – so the news was not surprising).  Congratulations to this budding writer!