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today’s prayer

Have Thine own way, Lord!

Have thine own way!

Thou art the Potter;

I am the clay.

Mould me and make me.

After Thy will,

While I am waiting,

Yielded and still

today’s prayer

Help me not to take myself too seriously.  Grant to me objectivity and a quiet mind and a sense of humor.

Go Thou ahead of me to fling out a bridge of good will, to cast down all roadblocks of misunderstanding.  And bless to Thy glory and the happiness of all concerned this gesture of good will undertaken in Thy name.  Amen.

Peter Marshall

Evening Prayer

Dear Lord – forgive . . .


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Prayer is the little implement

by Emily Dickinson

Prayer is the little implement
Through which men reach
Where Presence–is denied them.
They fling their speech

By means of it–in God’s ear–
If then He hear–
This sums the Apparatus
Comprised in Prayer–

Today’s Prayer

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Grant to us, O Lord, this day
to walk with you as Father,
to trust in you as Savior,
to be enlightened by you as Spirit,
to worship you as Lord;
that all our works may praise you
and our lives may give you glory.


[Author unknown]


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God, we pray a special blessing today on all who have worked so hard to make the National Day of Prayer observances the opportunities that they are for us. Remind us, Lord, that every day is to be a day of prayer. Thank You for our beloved country.  Amen.

Prayer is the little implement
by Emily Dickinson
Prayer is the little implement
Through which Men reach
Where Presence — is denied them.
They fling their Speech 

By means of it — in God’s Ear —
If then He hear —
This sums the Apparatus
Comprised in Prayer —

discerning the balance point

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Why am I doing what I’m doing?  What are my goals?  Am I keeping my eye on what is important?

Not being a terribly introspective person, I now and then take stock of myself: my motives, my perseverance, resolve, and my willingness to change when I SHOULD change – and to know when change is needed.

Several years ago, I knelt at the prayer rail during a Richard Foster Workshop/Spirituality Day Retreat and asked the gentle person who laid her hand on my head to pray that God would grant me discernment and wisdom.

That is actually my constant prayer.  My always prayer.

Quoting Elaine M. Prevallet:

Perseverance, as she walks that tightrope toward her goal, always needs her companion–the balancing pole of discernment that keeps check on motivations, on the one hand of self-protection, and on the other hand of self-promotion or self-interest. . . . Discernment must keep her sensitive even to the very subtle changes in her relationship to the goal. . . . and we have to learn to keep discernment as our steady companion as we walk securely and trustingly toward God.

I walk trustingly – and prayerfully – always wanting to discern the balance point.