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Spanish word of the day

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ah-del-gah-sar’  (transitive verb)

to lose weight, to slim down, to thin; to diminish


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While we were waiting for our order, Mike (Seguinite) came into the restaurant, greeted us and said “This is our new favorite place!”

the spelling of words (and the Spanish alphabet)

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How the spelling of words evolve . . . by popular demand!

Everything I learned in school . . . has gone out the window (winder??).

aprender una segunda lengua

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Mi bisabuela, Maria de los Santos Leal Sammon

Mi bisabuelo, Robert Walker Sammon

cooking . . . while learning a second language

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I was always last clarinet in orchestra (there could have been two clarinets – or twenty – I was ALWAYS last clarinet – no musical talent whatsoever).

Now, I am LAST chair in Conversational Spanish.  However, I am very determined.  I will learn to say something other than “Hola!” in Spanish.

I love to cook (when there are no other pressing obligations – and I can cook, bake, and dream  – with no  interruptions – in the kitchen).

Sooo, it seemed logical to combine my love of cooking with my desire to learn Spanish.

But – where are the subtitles???!!!  What on earth will I be cooking??

Me ayudan!