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whatever would I do . . .

without Lone Star Printing??!!!

January 2011 issue of Scorpio Tales - SOON!


for all your printing needs – SHOP LOCAL!

Lone Star will still be on Austin - only one door down from the corner

Farmington friends – newsletter at the printers (thank goodness for Lone Star Printing!) and should be ready next week . . . and in the mail shortly after . . .


snap of the day


Central Park - Seguin, Texas



Christmas in Seguin!



snap of the day

snap of the day

There are THOUSANDS of nutcrackers at Pape Pecan House!  Each time I visit, there is a shelf of new and different ones.

remembering Edmund Kuempel

There are some men who lift the age they inhabit, till all men walk on higher ground in that lifetime. – Maxwell Anderson

Edmund Kuempel was a man of True Character; we are all the better for having known him.

He served – us all – well.

snap of the day


Poor Fella shifted to "Drive" rather than "Reverse"