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a misty morning

I AM the mist, the impalpable mist, Back of the thing you seek. - Carl Sandburg

ready for breakfast . . .

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evening in the neighborhood

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look at me! look at me!

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Why, ‘a stalks up and down like a peacock–a stride and a stand; ruminates like an hostess that hath no arithmetic but her brain to set down her reckoning; bites his lip with a politic regard, as who should say, ‘There were wit in this head an ‘twould out’; and so there is, but it lies as coldly in him as fire in a flint, which will not show without knocking.

The History of Troilus and Cressida
(Thersites at III, iii)

William Shakespeare

“God’s paintbrush at work . . .”

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“God’s paintbrush at work . . .”

A message – and snapshots from a friend . . .

“Thought you might like to see what it looks like around the Seguin/New Braunfels area. The bluebonnets were fantastic this year due to all the rain we have had.  There was a bunch of friends from Killeen that rode their Harleys down this weekend and we rode all day Saturday and Sunday, all over the hill country and it was like this for just about the entire 300+ miles that we rode. God’s paint brush at work. ”

Happy Earth Day

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Earth Day turns 40 years old today.

Gaylord Nelson wrote (April 1980):

When April 22, 1970, dawned, literally millions of Americans of all ages and from all walks of life participated in Earth Day celebrations from coast to coast.

It was on that day that Americans made it clear that they understood and were deeply concerned over the deterioration of our environment and the mindless dissipation of our resources. That day left a permanent impact on the politics of America. It forcibly thrust the issue of environmental quality and resources conservation into the political dialogue of the Nation. That was the important objective and achievement of Earth Day. It showed the political and opinion leadership of the country that the people cared, that they were ready for political action, that the politicians had better get ready, too. In short, Earth Day launched the Environmental decade with a bang.

Now, ten years later, it has become popular in some circles to write the obituary of the environmental movement, to refer to the passing of the “golden era” for environmentalism. It is asserted that public interest has waned, that new worries have captured attention, that inflation, the energy crisis, and international conflict have superseded if not wiped out public concern over environmentalism.

Those who write that view are uninformed and far removed from the environmental scene or the politics surrounding it. In fact, the politics of environmentalism are so pervasive, from the grass roots to the national capital, that it is hard to believe even the most casual observer could miss it. To anyone who has paid attention, it is clear that the environmental movement now is far stronger, far better led, far better informed, and far more influential than it was ten years ago. Its strength grows each year because public knowledge and understanding grow each year.

Mar 21, 1970 – John McConnell started the first Earth Day. He is known as the founder of Earth Day, with the first one on March 21, 1970, because it coincided with the vernal equinox. McConnell is now 90 years old and still helping celebrate Earth Day.  ” When I first conceived of Earth Day, a global holiday to celebrate the wonder of life on our planet, I thought long and hard about the day on which it should fall,” he said. “It must be meaningful.”

Art Buchwald:

And Man created the plastic bag and the tin and aluminum can and the cellophane wrapper and the paper plate.

Earth Day 2010

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