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the long snowy winter

winter in Seguin

The weather reports were predicting snow for Seguin today.  I tell you: it is somewhat embarrassing to post the snapshots of the snow we received.  I can remember digging out of snow in Farmington and Raton, New Mexico – and then of course, in Denver.

A different story here . . .

had to snap the pictures FAST - before it was gone

I’m sure I will bear some teasing from my Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York friends – not to mention those in Amarillo and Dallas.  Have been thinking of you folks in those areas who are REALLY seeing winter.

AND – in Georgia and my brother in Tennessee (I know this gives you a chuckle!).

can you see it?

I can hear you laughing!

Will Spring ever arrive??

Early Spring in Denver, Colorado

We have not had snow in Seguin, Texas (although other parts of Southwest Texas were hit with snowstorms this winter).

These snapshots were taken April 1967 when we moved from Houston to Denver.  Hubby had been in Denver for a year before the kids and I arrived (waiting until the Houston house sold and it was the end of a school year).  He wrote about the beautiful tulips that lined the walk of our new home.  On the trip from Houston, we ran into snow from Amarillo until we arrived in Denver.  Our beautiful tulips were frozen.  Spring in Colorado!!


Suzy digs out . . .

My friend Suzy, in Freehold, New Jersey,  finally dug out . . . and shared some of the pictures from this terrible snowstorm that is blanketing most of the country.  Even Dallas and Amarillo have snow (not to the extent that the East Coast has been seeing).

Amarillo has received 16.5 inches of snow since December 1.

My son and family live in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York and they have also been shoveling snow!