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Here I am (such as I am)

I’m interested in a great many subjects and, selfishly, I will be posting about the various topics that interest me.  Every now and then, someone will happen upon my Aimless Blog who is  interested in the  various mundane things that interest me and I love the connections!

One day I may be concerned about bullying in the schools (I do wish good experiences for my grandchildren); relationships (relationships are complex – and evolving); trivia (fashion, trends, nonsense); national or world news (although I’m a bit tired of POLITICS).  Another day I may be in a very wistful mood and whimsey may be interesting to me.

We all act in different ways; however, I believe we are all interesting and have our stories to tell.

In other words, I subject my readers (bless the few who happen upon this site!) to whatever I am thinking  on a particular day.

Let me hear from you . . . and what interests you!

Let’s talk.  Connect.  Converse (the same as ‘talk,’ right?).

The connections are fun . . . and interesting . . . and sometimes quite amazing.

I was born in Springer, Colfax County, New Mexico.  Married a Southerner from Louisiana.  We have only lived in three states: New Mexico, Colorado (more than once), Texas (more than once) – and in our retirement years, have settled in Southwest Texas in Seguin.

We love it here; as my husband says: “It fits us like a glove.”

We are the parents of three children – two boys and a girl.  A son and his family live in New York.  A married daughter lives in Denver, Colorado as well as a single son.

We adore our grandchildren (New York and Colorado) and life is good!

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  1. A new blog?

    Love the cute little picture. Happy new year to you and the new blog.

  2. So glad to read about your ties to Louisiana.

  3. I am descended from The Sammons (Salmon) and Young family. the Youngs intermaried with the Salmons, Woods and Goodletts and my family has been researching all of these names. I will be happy to share what I have. I have tried to run the Betty Walker line back and it can be very confusing. While there is some question, there appears to be reasonable information connecting her to the Walker you were talking about and also descended from the Ellis family married Royall, descended from Mary Wood, Samuel Matthews family, married Frances Greville, descended from most of the Plantagenents, William the Conqueror and Charlemagne.

    • So good to find another Sammon(s)/Salmon researcher. I will look through my files and see what I have; eager to share information.

    • My word – have I not visited this site in eight years?

      Thanks for your comment Joe. We must be distant cousins.

      I’ve not done any genealogy research for several years – thus I am somewhat rusty.

  4. Patsy Horton Olson

    Sorry to say I cannot read the small print of the Coulter article! I apparantly do not know how to enlarge the copy!

  5. Well hidy ho camper..

    Found your site by accident while searching for info about Ameritex pipe out on Hwy. 90. I am the webmastery teacher at Seguin High School and as a result am interested in loccal folks and how they use the internet. If you get a chance… check out my site…

    Meanwhile… I’ll read on…

  6. Hola Esperanza,
    Gracias por el foto por la neita. Ella es muy bonita!!

    P.S. Don’t check too closely.

    • Ah . . .

      Thanks for the photo of la (the) granddaughter? She is very pretty.

      I tried to watch a Spanish television station today – they speak too rapidly for me!!!

      Besides – it was wrestling . . . I need to find some movies – maybe I can make sense of it!

      love, hope

      • Wrestling hmmmm! That would have not been my first choice either. Try movies with subtitles from your local friendly Library!

    • I love it! Keep practicing. 😉

      • I hadn’t even thought of movies on CD – with subtitles. I will do that!

        You know how parents will spell when young children can’t yet spell – in order to have private conversations? My folks would speak Spanish and one of the instructions they would give to me has surfaced in my memory: ‘Callate!’ Of course, their tone of voice indicated what that word meant!

        See you tomorrow night – and thank you for your encouragement. I feel muy estupido in that class of excelente altavoces!

  7. Anna Earon Griffin

    Darling Belk is also my very,very great grandfather! My maternal grandmother was a Belk from this same area, Darling Belk an ancestor. There is also a Blue Darling Belk, Capt Blue Darling Belk, the same Darling Belk in the Revolutionary War archives. Please get in touch with me!

  8. “LET ME TOLD YOU” is a term I heard more then once, and I am sure you are still hearing it.
    Happened across your blog and just had to chime in. Hope you and Bobby J are doing well.
    God be with you both.

    • Bill! So good to hear from you! If you guys get down our way (of course, no one wants to come to South Central Texas during a drought . . . and terrible fires). Anyway – give a holler is you come to San Antonio (or Austin) OR Seguin!

  9. I would like to use a photo you used on your blog a couple of years ago of a white feather. I will take it off if you want me to, but I did give you credit.

    Thank you, Margaret


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