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newspaper folks – Tucumcari, New Mexico

The Tucumcari Daily News Staff

probably about 1944

Earl Grau and Richard Hindley owned the newspaper at this time (I *think*)

Again – I *think* the Tucumcari Daily News was established in 1933.


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  1. Sondra Grau (now Sondra Anice Barnes)

    Yep, Earl Grau was my father. That’s him at the head of the table.

    • I thought I recognized your father Earl and mother Helen. Figure this photo is from the 1940s . . . but not certain of the exact date. I love these old photos!!

    • Wasn’t your mother’s given name Helen? I can’t remember anything these days . . .

      • Sondra Grau (now Sondra Anice Barnes)

        Helen was my step-mother not my mother and her maiden name was Cridebring. Earl and my mother divorced when I was only two.

    • Is it Earl Grau the school teacher? If so I was one of his students in Jr. High. He drove a white Pontiac GTO.

      • I don’t recall him being a school teacher (but I could be wrong). At the time we lived in Tucumcari, he was the owner/publisher of the newspaper. However, Sondra will be able to answer that question, of course.

  2. Yes, Earl Grau was a teacher for awhile early in his life in Clovis and then went back to teaching late in his life in Tucumcari.


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