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“There are kids who need to know they’re not alone.”

Literary Smackdown

Humble, Texas. Population 14,500. Birthplace of the Humble Oil Company (now Exxon). Home of the Humble Wildcats and, according to, of ninety-two churches and zero mosques. Also of the Teen Lit Fest, a biennial festival put on by the Humble Independent School District. In the ring: Ellen Hopkins, New York Times super-best-selling author of books about teen crank addiction, teen prostitution, teen suicide, parental physical abuse (of teens), and teen incest; and Guy Sconzo, humble Humble schools superintendent.
As Hopkins told the Chronicle, “There are kids who need to know they’re not alone.”
Anyway folks, here’s what I think about stinking situations like these—they offer you the opportunity to test your mettle, and be brave. You know, if the D.A.R. hadn’t booted Marian Anderson out of Constitution Hall, Eleanor Roosevelt would never have had the chance to give the nation a definitive lesson in character. Being a weasel-y little bureaucrat is human. But being Eleanor Roosevelt, or Janis Owens, or Melissa de la Cruz is divine.
– Robert LeLeux 

“It’s pretty standard these days for teen literature to deal with controversial topics. On the other hand, it has been challenged since the days of Judy Blume and Robert Cormier.”

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