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Bess Bistro

Southern comfort food with a French bistro twist is what they serve up at this Sandra Bullock-owned culinary gem. Here, the fries don’t disappoint. Order them classic French-style with a side of Dijon mustard and a generous bowl of their savory mussels. Ooh la la!

Bess Bistro is located in the basement of the historic Stratford Arms building, which has been lovingly restored over the past four years. The original columns, arches, iron railings, and old timber have been carefully preserved. They are enhanced by etched glass, antique mirrors, custom tiles, and an impressive pewter bar, custom-made in France. Ms. Bullock herself (Sandy, to her staff) is responsible for the design and decor of the space, and it should be a great source of pride. She has created a beautifully appointed restaurant that is cozy and intimate without being kitschy or pretentious. And rather than placing the focus on herself, she wants to make sure that everyone knows Bess Bistro’s success belongs to Executive Chef Brenton Childs and sous chef Chris Howard, both with ample experience in some of Austin’s best fine-dining restaurants.

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  1. My daughter, Robin, and I ate here a year or so ago, and, you are right, the food is absolutely delicious, and the employees super nice and friendly. Such a cozy little place tucked in a basement…..a great afternoon for both of us!

  2. You are right, Judye; Bess Bistro is a great place to go (the food, the ambiance, and the service). We were with an Austin friend (a recent Austinite/Austonian? – he and his wife live part-time in Denver and part-time in Austin) who was glad to discover the place, also. The dessert menu looked so very good – but I will save that treat for another time.

    Sandra Bullock knew what she was doing when she opened this restaurant (her sister has a bakery in New York – siblings who obviously know a thing or two about good food and service!).


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