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2010 Texas Book Festival

The 15th annual Texas Book Festival has come and gone.  Shortly after moving to Seguin, I read that the Texas Governor’s wife, Laura Bush, would be speaking at a Republican Women’s function in Seguin.  I made a note on the calendar that this was a talk I certainly wanted to attend; ex-librarian Laura Bush would be speaking about the importance of literacy and books and of an event she was promoting called the Texas Book Festival.

The calendar date got a bit cluttered on that particular day and I (unfortunately) did not hear Laura Bush speak about the Texas Book Festival – and a few other items of importance throughout the next few years (deaths of family and friends, a flood, medical ‘stuff,’ etc.) superseded attendance at the Festival.  However, probably about six or seven years ago (or perhaps earlier),  I began going to the festival and look forward to it every year.

This year, ex-President George Bush’s wife, Laura spoke about her book Spoken from the Heart.  Mrs. Bush is the honorary chair of the Book Festival – benefiting Texas Libraries and Literacy.

What a marvelous event (did I mention that it is free – there is no charge?).  This is a two-day event with an interesting array of authors; however, one has to make choices – for you can’t attend each author’s talk.  Needless to say, we enjoyed every minute.

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In 2006 I heard Larry King speak at the Texas Book Festival in Austin. He was in a story telling mood and In Search of Willie Morris had just been published. He spoke about a time when he visited Willie in New York and Willie, Larry, and several other friends stayed up into the wee hours of the morning telling stories – and having a few (or more) drinks. After everyone had gone upstairs and were sound asleep, Larry got up – went downstairs to Willie’s library – had another drink or two. Then he began taking books off the shelves and inscribing them with each author’s name. 

All the best to Willie Morris. Mark Twain.” 

Best wishes, Willie. Chaucer.”

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