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Walnut Creek Revitalization Project continues


The $2.1 million construction project will include hike-and-bike trails, lighting, walkways, landscaping, removal of debris, bank stabilization and a pedestrian bridge paid for by a grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority.

This is the first phase of a 2.5-mile linear park development project, paid for with 2006 bond funds. The first phase, from Court Street to Nolte Street, is estimated for completion in January 2011. The city held a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the project in early January.

Assistant City Manager Rick Cortez said the ultimate goal is to develop the whole area from Interstate 10 through town to Starke Park.

The area is two blocks west of downtown Seguin and was the original site of park elements designed by Robert H.H. Hugman, architect of the San Antonio River Walk.

Cortez said the city signed a participation agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which will design the rest of the Walnut Branch area for restoration of the ecosystem. Once it’s designed, Cortez said the city will try to secure funds to complete the project.

He said one of the goals for the project is eco-tourism and to draw people from Seguin and surrounding areas to the springs.

[excerpt from San Antonio Express News article by Vincent T. Davis]

2009 Walnut Branch Master Plan

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