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no-stal-juh, -jee-uh, nuh

1. a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time: a nostalgia for his college days.
2. something that elicits or displays nostalgia.

About hopeseguin

Who am I? I'm still discovering just who I am, I suppose. A. Powell Davis writes that "Life is just a chance to grow a soul."

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  1. What gorgeous sisters!!

  2. My sister IS gorgeous, Judye (in fact, was one of five finalists in the Miss New Mexico Pageant – of course, I thought the judges were WRONG and she was actually NUMBER ONE). Her inner beauty matches her outer beauty (her fellow-contestants in that pageant selected her Miss Congeniality). I always think of Sandra Bullock when I tell anyone that!

  3. Sounds like she’s your clone…seriously.


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