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my beautiful little sister

As late as the 1960s, well-dressed women wore gloves.  We always wore short gloves and hats when we attended church (wearing a dress or suit – never never pants).

Gloves were a fashion statement. We wore long gloves for a formal evening.  Calf skin  gloves.  Satin gloves.  Cotton gloves.  Goat skin gloves.  I had an entire drawer layered with gloves.

My beautiful sister in a ruffled gown  displays her long white gloves.

Kidskin is an extremely soft, smooth, thin type of leather, made from the skins of milk-fed baby goats (kids). These kids are carefully raised so that they do not eat herbiage (which will change the texture of the skin in undesirable ways), or get bruised or scratched, so that their skins remain perfect and smooth. Kid leather is used for fine-grained, glace-finished (that is, grain finishing, a process in which a smooth, shiny finish is made on the topside of the skin by soft buffing or polishing on plush wheels) gloves, and kid gloves are often dyed so that the inside of the glove remains white. The traditional color for the kid glove – the default color, as it were – is white or some other related shade like ivory or taupe, and this color was and is especially favored for formal wear, but other colors, such as black, red, blue and brown have also found favor.

Are gloves making a comeback?  I love the look of gloves with any outfit; guess I will look for an empty drawer in hubby’s chest.

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  1. In the 70s I too had a drawer full of gloves, but no more. I have three heavy duty winter gloves for the cold winters we have in Fresno. One pair is so good that I use them when we go caroling at Christmas time. The other two pair are colorful and keep me fashionably warm. As for gloves at other times of the year, no thankyou. Let’s not bring back that tradition.

  2. Oh, I loved the gloves . . . and now and then would like a good pair of kidskin gloves – but of course, the weather in Southwest (or Central) Texas is not as severe in the winter as it was in Denver . . . or northern New Mexico.

    Now and then, when we have a cold spell in Seguin, I’ve noticed some ladies wearing soft leather or lovely cloth gloves when attending church or the Mid-Texas Symphony (and not only are their hands protected – they look quite stylish).

    I’m thinking of purchasing a pair (no more Satin Opera Gloves, though!).


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