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Is chivalry dead?

Is chivalry dead?

Feminists may insist that life for women has gotten better since the days when raucous female activists marched in the streets for equality and questioned traditional social mores about men, marriage and career.

Pollsters say otherwise. Things are out of kilter. And pretty dismal, according to a Harris Poll released Monday.

Eight out of 10 Americans, in fact, say, “Women today are treated with less chivalry than in the past.” Seven out of 10 say women do not receive equal pay for equal work, a bulwark of the feminist war on the status quo. Two-thirds say women are “discriminated against” when it comes to supervisory or executive jobs, while an equal number agree that the U.S. has “a long way to go” to reach gender equality. Just 35 percent said women got equal pay for equal work.


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