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Darling Belk – my 4th great-grandfather

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Darling Belk - "aged about 72 years" d June 30, 1835

My fourth great-grandfather, Darling Belk, is buried in the Old Antioch Cemetery in Union County, North Carolina.  This cemetery is also referred to as the “Belk Cemetery.”

Narcissus (“Nicey” in some census records) Belk was the daughter of Darling Belk and Agnes Nelson.  Narcissus was born December 29, 1793 in North Carolina.  She married Alfred  Brown.  The Brown family settled in Benton County, Arkansas where they are buried.

Alfred and Narcissus had a son named for his father and this Alfred (Alford) Brown (1826-1865) married Louisa Jane Centers and their daughter Martha Letitia Brown was my great-grandmother.

The Darling name was passed down through several generations of Belks and Browns and was generally shorted to “Darl.”

Alfred (Alford) Brown and his older brother Darling Brown are buried in Spring Creek Cemetery (as are other members of the Brown family) with the inscription on their tombstones:

“Killed in War March 14, 1865”

The Belk family was of English or Welsh lineage.  Darling Belk’s father John Belk was born about 1718 in England.

John Belk’s tombstone reads:
Born in England
1710 – 1788

John Belk is buried at the old cemetery of Antioch Church on the Trinity Road in Buford Township, Union County (formerly Mecklenburg County), North Carolina.

“We are the children of many sires, and every drop of blood in us in its turn … betrays its ancestor.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. I am searching for the decendants of Darling Belk and Agnes Nelson. Do you have more information on them?

    Do you have the transcription of Darling’s headstone??
    Thank you for posting

    • For some reason, I was unable to reply to your e-mail address.

      I don’t have a great deal regarding Darling Belk and Agnes Nelson – and not sure if I have a transcription of Darling’s headstone . . . but will do a little searching through my records and see what I DO have. Always good to hear from another interested researcher.

    • I am Ron Belk , John Belk’s grandson 9 generations down.My goal is to have the Old Antioch Cemetery cleaned out of respect for our family.There are leaves and branches
      that made it difficult to walk into last week when I was there on vacation.

      I live in Southern California with my wife and kids.If anyone would like to help or simply provide more family info,here is my email

      Thanks you,
      Ron Belk

      • Charles O Belk III

        My name is Charles Belk III, son of C.O Belk Jr., and grandson of C.O. Belk Sr. C.O. Belk Sr, a WWI vet, was from Monroe, born @1891, died in 1992, and owner of Cooper Furniture in Great Falls SC. He and his brothers, several who served in WWI as well, bought out the Cooper Furniture Company business back in the 1920s. There were somewhere between 7-12 stores. His brothers were Paul Belk, Dewitt Belk, and others I cannot remember offhand. Dewitt owned the Greenwood SC Chrysler Plymouth dealership, and other members of the family married into the Griffin family that own Griffin Motor Company in Monroe. I have been to that family cemetery many , many times. You will also find his father, Augustus ( I think ) Belk there. Without flooding this page, I will tell you that I have a ton of photos and things, including a will from the civil war era, that was updated to show that slaves were freed and no longer being willed to the children. After the war, most of the family became very poor, and my grandfather and most of his brothers picked cotton until they took the opportunity to serve in WWI, which is where they saved the money to buy the furniture store chain. Marshal Jewelers was also part of that chain, but for whatever reason, it was decided to forgo the jewelry business, and Mr. Marshal started his own separate business. I cannot remember if the business was bought during the very severe, but thanks to President Coolidge, very short depression, or, if it was bought just before the depression of 1929-1945. If I remember my grandfather correctly, the decision was made due to jewelry being a luxury item that most could not afford, whereas furniture was not really considered a luxury in many cases, and, with the growth of the electrical revolution in homes and the new appliances that ran on them, refrigeration especially, they saw that as a very good investment with high growth potential. If any of you are interested in anything I may be able to provide, just as I am interested in info you may have, please look me up on Facebook. I am Charles O. Belk II , Great Falls SC.

  2. I am a descendant of John Belk, as well. He is my 6th great grandfather. His son Darling Belk, father of Darling Blue Belk, father of George Washington Layfayette Belk, father of Doctor Franklin Belk, father of William Atlas Belk, father of Vera Estelle Belk Abernathy, mother of Anne Elizabeth Abernathy Mosier – my mother. : )))

    I enjoyed reading your info. I live in Charlotte and plan to venture out to the old Belk Cemetery soon.

  3. My great-great-great grandfather was D.B. Barton (died in 1862 – Civil War). His daughter Maggie later had twin boys and named one Daniel Tyre (after her father in law) and the other Darling Belk. I assume that this second son was named after HER father – D.B. With that name combo D.B. had to be connected into your family somehow, right? Any of the Belk daughters marry a Barton?

  4. Hi
    I’m Brandon Belk my Dad is Jeff Belk and my grandpa is Cliff Belk. Me and my brother are going to pay a visit to the cemetery and clean up while we’re there. I’ll post pictures on my Facebook for any family members to see. Just send me a message and I’ll add you.

  5. i just left the Antioch Cemetery. the parking area is much in need of mowing and the grounds have a large accumulation of small tree limbs etc. our historical group, Robert E. Lee Confederate History Group are looking into getting the grounds cleaned up. One of our members is a descendant of Brittan Belk (Melton). we have noted the 3 graves of confederate solders buried there along with the Revolutionary Solder Brittan Belk who died from wounds at Buford’s Massacre. One of our goals is to help find and clean solders graves through out the area. I am trying to find who owns the property the cemetery is on.


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