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our European ancestors

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Why do we want to know about ancestors?  I suppose it may be partly to learn how WE tick.  My Caldwell research will never end, I know – but I’ve found that the search is fascinating.

I just love this photograph of a beautiful young woman holding an umbrella.  Even if she had not married (briefly) into my Caldwell family, I still find the photograph so very intriguing.

If I had any ancestors in pre-historic Britain, there is information as to how they traveled.

How a prehistoric sat nav stopped our ancestors getting lost in Britain

Isosceles Triangle. An isosceles triangle has two congruent sides called legs and a third side called the base. The vertex angle is the angle is included by the legs. The other two angles are called the base angles. The base angles are congruent. The figure below depicts an isosceles triangle with all the parts labeled.

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