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Lately (well, not so lately!), I have been forgetting EVERYTHING.  Hubby and I have been joking (sort of) about my absent-mindedness.  I told him that I know he won’t have any patience with me if (crossing my fingers!) I am diagnosed with dementia and gradually lose not only my memory – but my mind.  This isn’t really a Joking Matter, for the number of patients with dementia is rising.

Of course, I always research anything I’m interested in ad nauseum  – and that is the case with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia (and I’m always reading certain portions of books and articles about Alzheimer’s  to hubby).  I have read everything published, I think, about Alzheimer’s.  I want to be knowledgeable about what happens to folks with dementia and what could happen to me.

Two of the activities I would miss  most is reading and stitching (although I have not been doing much stitching lately).  Books – to me – are as essential as breathing.

I must extract a promise from My Sweetheart to be sure to read to me!

Even at later stages of the disease, many patients are engaged by books read to them. Lydia Burdick, a businesswoman in New York, was able to get her mother to respond by reading to her even at a relatively late stage of Alzheimer’s disease, although it had long been hard to get through to her.

Many Alzheimer’s Patients Find Comfort in Books

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