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“Mah Lindy Lou” by Lily Strickland

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Lily Strickland was a prolific songwriter (and I only recently learned of her).

Family trivia:  Lily’s great-grandmother, Henrietta W. Sammon who married Oliver P. Strickland, was a sister to my ancestor Robert W. Sammon who married Susan Elizabeth Thrasher.

I realize this is of no interest whatsoever to anyone other than my Sammon relatives; however, Lily Strickland made a ‘notch’ in the musical venue that is admired to this day – information  which might be of interest to others.

Paul Robeson sang some of Lily’s compositions; Mah Lindy Lou seemed to be a favorite.

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  1. sandy riccardi

    Lily Strickland went to my Alma Mater, Converse College, Spartanburg, SC, where’s there has always been an amazing music school. They are proud of her at Converse and have a nice display case devoted to her in the Music Library.


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