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Roy, New Mexico

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My dad grew up in Roy, New Mexico and I remember so many times as a child when we would visit his sister and husband in Roy.  This drugstore was still in business and we would always go in for an old-fashioned ice cream treat: generally sodas for the sisters and a banana split for my dad and brother.  Can’t recall what Mother ordered.

We would sit at the table where my father had carved his name many years ago and he would reminisce about life in Roy as we slurped our sodas.

This picture was snapped in the early 1980s on a northeastern New Mexico road trip with my sister.  We visited the cemetery to pay homage to our paternal grandparents.  We looked at some of the surrounding area.  We walked the deserted main street.

About  five years ago, my husband, oldest grandson, and I stopped at this very same drugstore. 


Bustling (there was a parade prancing down main street!).

Talked to a lady in the drugstore who remembered my father and his family and said that the place (all of downtown, actually) is being renovated and restored and revitalized.  The place was ALIVE!

In fact, only recently, a movie company shot some scenes for Did You Hear about the Morgans? in Roy!

Things are lookin’ up!

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  1. Thanks for the memories. My parents & grandparents were from Roy. I always visited grama during the summer, so I recall a little of its heyday. I even went to 1st grade at the Roy Public School! Loved that little town. Your pictures really take me back.


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