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New Mexico Cemetery

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Mora County, New Mexico

This cemetery is outside Ocate, Mora County, New Mexico.

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  1. Hi! My father and his family comes from Ocate, New Mexico. I have been there numerous times but have never seen this cemetery. Could you tell me where this is at? I love the old cemeteries and even more so when I find an ancestor. Thank you for your help.

    • Louise, I can’t give the location of the cemetery. Took these photos on a driving trip to New Mexico many years ago (probably in the 1980s or late 1970s). Should have jotted down some notes as well as snapped the photos – but alas, I didn’t.

      My maternal ancestors lived in Ocate, however I have not been able to find their gravestones in any of the out-of-the-way cemeteries I found (likely that accounts for my negligence in recording places and dates).

      • who are your maternal grandparents? Who knows we may be related.

      • There is another cemetery in Ocate where many of my relatives are buried. Most of the headstones are gone in the older part of the cemetery but my great-great grandma’s is in good condition.

    • I looked at your family tree and it’s entries and you know what is ironic? (No, we are not related that I know of) I was looking up baptismal records, the original written entries, the other day and I kept running across lots and lots of Leals. That name really stood out to me because it was different. Do you have copies of any of the original baptismal records? If not, let me know. My dad´s mother was a López from Ocaté. She married an Espinoza from over the mountain in Black Lake. I still have family that lives there in Ocaté so about two to three times a year I head out that way. I love it.

      • You are amazing! I don’t have any of the baptismal or marriage records.

        It has been several years since I’ve actively done any research and since we moved from Denver about fifteen years ago, have relied on internet research – which is not as thorough (or as accurate sometimes) as the hard copies. Thank you for sharing this information. I so appreciate it!

      • I was happy to help. I will probably be going back to look up records next week sometime. I have to look through the Ocate record again to get a source and pages so I will do what I can. However, how do I get these records to you? I don’t want to post my e-mail on here. Do you have a facebook?

        Where do you live now? When do you plan on being back in New Mexico? I have a long weekend at the end of this week so I was thinking of taking my grandchildren for an overnight trip. If I do, I will go down that road to Halls Peak Cemetery and take photos of the headstones for you.

        My daughter has a blog here on wordpress… is her link:

    • Guess what? I was looking for my ancestors in different cemeteries when I accidentally found your grandmother Maria DeLos Santos Leal Sammon!. She is buried in the Halls Peak Cemetery in Cañada Bonita, a small village outside of Ocaté. A cousin of mine took me on tour there. Here is the link:

      Your grandfather is also buried there and there is a page of history written about him. There is also photos. It´s a gold mine of information, I believe.

      There is a link to their son Jack Walker Sammon. He died in Pueblo Colorado (28 miles east of me) and buried in the Imperial Gardens there. I have family from Ocate buried there too. I wish I were a fly on the wall to see your excitement! I am so excited and I am not even related! Hahahaha!


      • Louise – I am so grateful! I tromped all over the Ocate area looking for the gravesites. Found a fenced in area with broken wooden markers and ‘thought’ that might be the place – but wasn’t sure.

        Thank you thank you thank you!!

        I was of no help to you whatsoever. Sorry . . .

        You are a Godsend, Louise!


      • Ah – after going to the site, discovered that the information is information I had shared with others throughout the years (photos – other than the cemetery photo) and family information.

        However, I am happy to learn the location of the gravesites – which I didn’t know. Don’t think I would have ever found it! Thanks again, Louise. I appreciate your generous spirit – let’s not lose touch!

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