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Friday in the Fifth Week of Lent

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Thomas Merton, Seasons of Celebration, 178-179:


The chesed of God is a gratuitous mercy that considers no fitness, no worthiness and no return.  It is the way the Lord looks upon the guilty and with His look makes them at once innocent.  This look seems to some to be anger because they fly from it.  But if they face it, they see that it is love and that they are innocent.  (Their flight and their confusion of their own fear make them guilty in their own eyes.)  The chesed of God is truth.  It is infallible strength.  It is the love by which he seeks and chooses his chosen, and binds them to Himself.  It is the love by which He is married to mankind, so that, if humanity is faithless to Him, it must still always have fidelity to which to return: that is His own fidelity.  He has become inseparable from man in the chesed which we call “incarnation,” and “Cross” and “Resurrection.”  He has also given us His chesed in the Person of His spirit.  The Paraclete is the full, inexpressible mystery of chesed. So that in the depths of our own being there is an inexhaustible spring of mercy and love.  Our own being has become love.  Our own self has become God’s love for us, and it is full Christ, of chesed. But we must be to ourselves and to others signs and sacraments of mercy.

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