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Watery Wednesday

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Saffold Dam, Seguin, Texas

Excerpt from John Gesick’s Under the Live Oak Tree, a History of Seguin:

New bids were also accepted for building a new Starcke Park Dam for $366,000. Also, a new public health unit to serve the county became a reality by the end of 1977.

Saffold Dam is named for William Saffold who owned the park land in the mid-1800s. Saffold Dam was originally a natural rock outcropping, which was typical of dams built in the late nineteenth century. The dam was first improved by Henry Troell in the late 1800s when he added more rock to it to raise the water level and power a cotton gin. Troell was a native of Germany who immigrated to Seguin sometime prior to 1860. He served in the Confederate Army and married Johanna Wohler in 1872. A successful freighting business enabled him to invest in several local properties and enterprises, including the Saffold Dam and gristmill. He expanded the hydroelectrical capabilities of the dam and in 1890 provided the City of Seguin with its first water and electrical utility system. The City of Seguin  bought Troell’s property in 1907 to further develop hydroelectricity, and subsequent improvements have led to the establishment of a hydroelectric plant on the south side of the river.

There are plans for the Municipal Water Building to become a restaurant: what a marvelous location for a restaurant!!

Safford Dam at the Seguin Municipal Water Plant

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  1. Great watery place.


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