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Ford County by John Grisham

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I’ve enjoyed all of John Grisham’s novels (actually I thought that A Time to Kill was his best – but then I’m not a literary critic).

His collection of short stories – Ford County – has provided some very pleasurable reading hours.  There is humor; there is tragedy; there are some very memorable characters in these stories – and I couldn’t wait to get to the next story  – and then the next story – and hated for the stories to end.

Just a snippet:

from Quiet Haven
My first glimpse of Quiet Haven reveals a typical 1960s flat-roof, redbrick run-down building with several wings and the general appearance of a dressed-up little prison where people are sent to quietly spend their final days.  These places were once generally called nursing homes, but now the names have been upgraded to retirement homes and retirement villages and assisted-living centers and other such misnomers.   “Momma’s at the retirement village” sounds more civilized than “We stuck her in a nursing home.”  Momma’s at the same place; now it just sounds better, at least to everyone but Momma.

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  1. I wanted the book to go on and on.

    • Weren’t the stories wonderful? I have always enjoyed Grisham’s novels and wasn’t certain what to expect with short stories. Should have realized that a good writer is a good writer.


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