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Who do you think you are?

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Who do you think you are?

Genealogy research is interesting (at least for me) and one finds out some very surprising things.  NBC is helping with genealogy research for several well-known personalities and I’m sure that this series will pique some interest in searching for one’s roots.  Think of Roots by Alex Haley . . .

As Sarah Jessica Parker learns about her family from various genealogical researchers, she exclaims “WOW!” more times than I could count.  That is how anyone who is researching their heritage feels when a new and surprising fact is unearthed.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Elwell ancestors (Samuel Elwell and Esther Dutch) were living in Massachusetts during the Salem Witch Trials.  It was amazing all the information professionals dug up about Parker’s ancestors.

Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts (a brief account about Parker’s ancestor Osmond Dutch):

“Anthony Day, aged about forty years, deposed that he heard John Meagus threaten Osmond Dutch that if he came into the stage any more to fetch cods more than his own share, he would make his heels fly higher than his head, and would throw him over the stage head.  Sworn Sept. 26 , 1664, before Samuel Symonds.”

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  1. That is pretty interesting, isn’t it? I saw this program advertised awhile ago. I haven’t had t.v. until just recently, so I haven’t actually seen it. ~karen


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