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Everybody loves my Baby

I love Facebook!

Who would have ever thought that Facebook would/could help me make so many connections: family, friends, acquaintances, new friends – and by golly – memories??

Reading the inspirational blog of Colleen Smith (which I’ve followed since I began blogging – and so thankful I discovered her), brought back all the good Denver, Colorado memories.  Colleen’s blog has uplifting as well as common-sense thoughts and I love visiting.

Probably the first time we heard Lannie Garrett sing was about 1979 . . . or thereabouts . . . and we loved her voice and her theatrics and visiting with her (she was friendly and fun and she  volunteers her voice and time for several good causes in Denver).  Viewing some of the recent videos and listening to the audios of Lannie, I don’t think she has aged at all.  Her voice is still strong and lovely – and brought back the  good memories of our times (three times!) in Colorado. . .

Ah – Colorado memories . . .

About hopeseguin

Who am I? I'm still discovering just who I am, I suppose. A. Powell Davis writes that "Life is just a chance to grow a soul."

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  1. Hope, you made my day with this post. Isn’t the Internet amazing? Glad you are connecting online. I am wondering: How did you happen to find my blog? I was rather late to join the digital age. I remember, in fact, asking a friend, about the Internet, “What will we use it for?” Now, what don’t we use it for?

    • Do you know, I don’t recall how I found your blog. There was something I was researching regarding Denver Botanic Gardens, I think. And then: I was hooked. Your generous spirit and the lovely photography and inspirational writing – caught me – and I have been visiting ever since I discovered you.

      At my age: blogging and ‘googling’ and ‘facebooking’ . . . good grief!


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