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winter in Seguin

The weather reports were predicting snow for Seguin today.  I tell you: it is somewhat embarrassing to post the snapshots of the snow we received.  I can remember digging out of snow in Farmington and Raton, New Mexico – and then of course, in Denver.

A different story here . . .

had to snap the pictures FAST - before it was gone

I’m sure I will bear some teasing from my Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York friends – not to mention those in Amarillo and Dallas.  Have been thinking of you folks in those areas who are REALLY seeing winter.

AND – in Georgia and my brother in Tennessee (I know this gives you a chuckle!).

can you see it?

I can hear you laughing!

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Who am I? I'm still discovering just who I am, I suppose. A. Powell Davis writes that "Life is just a chance to grow a soul."

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  1. My daughter in San Antonio must be delighted! NOT!! You’ve certainly had the cold weather this winter, so you might as well get a little snow to go with it!

  2. Norman and Patsy Olson

    I am flabbergasted!!! what fun we did have! Thank you because I can now produce a picture that showed me as small at one time!!!
    Is there a time planned for a gathering of our Farmington classmates? That would be a good thing for next year….don’t you think?
    We had the Olson Family reunion at the end of August and beginning of September in California. Norms’ family try to gather every 2 years and Normans’ sister Glenda was the host this time. It was GREAT FUN! 59 family members were there.
    Hope..thanks for helping all of us to keep in touch………..especially with pictures. I have found the one of of you, Margie…Sally and me in a box of pictures. That was fun to see again. Patsy

  3. Not certain when the next reunion will be (but hopefully while I’m still mobile!).

    Scorpio Tales is at the printers (should have by next week . . . and then in the mail – will return the great snapshots you loaned me when I mail).

    How marvelous to have the Olson Family Reunion every two years! Fifty-nine family members . . . at this stage of our lives . . . was a good turnout!


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