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My Ellis Heritage

My earliest known (to me) Ellis ancestor is JOHN ELLIS, born about 1685 in Nottoway Parish, Virginia.  John had at least three wives (probably four); my ancestor (I think!) is Mary (surname perhaps Bradley).

Their daughter Elizabeth Ellis married Thomas Walker.

Thomas Walker Sr. may be the grandson of one THOMAS WALKER who died circa 1760.  In this Thomas’s will he names a son, Thomas, and two grandsons Thomas.  One is the son of a deceased son and the other is Thomas, son of Thomas.  To this grandson Thomas, son of  Thomas, he leaves a slave, a mulatto boy, Lewis.


In the 1784 Lunenburg County, Virginia Tax Records, Thomas Walker Jr. has a slave listed as Lewis.


WILL OF JOHN ELLIS of Nottoway Parish
January 14, 1762
Probated April 22, 1762 by James Beuford
Filed Amelia County, Will Book 2, pp 21-32(?)

Witnesses: Charles Irby, James Beuford, Patrick Coine
Executrix: Wife Elizabeth Ellis
Executor: Son Richard Ellis
Sec: Charles Irby, John Hightower

Leg:  son William Ellis, 600 acres adjacent lines of Hardaway, Wade, Finney, Samuel Smith, line to be run from Hampton Wade’s lower corner near Jack’s branch to Finney’s nearest corner, but with condition that my son William Ellis pay my son Austin Ellis 50 pounds current Va. money in 3 years after my decease; if he refuses, then I give aforementioned land to my son Richard Ellis, and he pay son Austin 60 pounds to be raised out of my estate & paid by Ex. within 3 years after my decease; son Thomas Ellis; Thomas Walker & Betty his wife, 400 acres L/S Horsepen Creek, being land Walker now lives on & laid off by William Stokes; wife Elizabeth Ellis, labor & profits of 17 Negroes to maintain her & her family, & use & profits of plantation, together with 600 acres adj. for life or widowhood, then to son Richard Ellis; son Richard Ellis, 17 slaves, stock & furn. on plantation, also 16 other slaves, and 638 acres, the plantation he now lives on, incl. mill & land adj. both sides Great Nottoway River, & all rem. of my est.; son Richard Ellis to provide proper support & maintenance for my dau. Sarah Winn; George, Judy & Fanny [slaves] to continue to live on my plantation and not be put under an overseer; son Richard Ellis to manage and direct estate.


I descend from two daughters of Thomas Walker and Betty EllisBarbara Walker who married Matthew Jouett Williams and Betty (probably Elizabeth) Walker who married John Sammon.

Genealogy research is addictive and certainly not everyone’s Cup of Tea.

Now, I realize that no one is interested in my Ellis/Walker/Sammon ancestors – except others who may be researching these particular families.  And I’m hoping that – by happenstance – fellow researchers will come across this site and we can exchange family information.

A distant cousin, Richard Ellis, had a distinctive Texas connection.

Ellis County is named for Richard Ellis, President of Texas’ Constitutional Convention, March, 1836. Mr. Ellis had no direct link to the county. He was a famous Texan whom the state felt needed to be remembered.

Other biographical information:

  • Born in Virginia, 1781
  • Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, 1820
  • Signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence and President of the Constitutional Convention, 1836
  • Senator of the Congress of the Republic of Texas, 1836 – 1840
  • Died in Bowie County, Texas, December 20, 1846.

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  1. Of course, I’m a cousin and also descendant of John Ellis through the Sammons family.

    • I had forgotten about that connection, Susan (can’t keep it all straight to tell you the truth; don’t ‘keep my hand in’ enough these days).

      Enjoying your son’s blog!

  2. Susan Tarlton Ellis

    I too am a relative of John Ellis and son, Ambrose Ellis, of Nottoway Parish, VA. From Virginia, my family, Littleberry Ambros Ellis, ended up in Jackson, MS. From there, they went to Bowie County, Texas.Five generations of Ellises live and have lived in Austin, TX, (where I live). For some reason, I thought John Ellis came to Virginia in 1861 on a ship named “The Lion.” I would love it if someone could help me fill in some of the gaps.

    • H. Ellis Atkinson

      I would love to help. I only know a little but if you could have a look on you will find my name amoung the direct descendants of Richard Ellis, the President of the Texas Constituional Convention. I am one of the five generations of Ellis family members who were born in Bowie County, Texas. We have a family reunion every year during the Memorial Day weekend. Ellis’ are always welcome. Hope to see you soon.

  3. I am not a descendant, just a researcher wandering way off my own family tree into a side line. I came across chancery records in Amelia Co that show that John and Elizabeth Ellis also had a daughter named Mary who was the second wife of William Jordan of Amelia Co VA. The information is in a very extensive lawsuit over the will of Samuel Jordan, father of William. Samuel died around 1761. John Ellis and Elizabeth Ellis testified in the suit. THe record is online through the Library of Virginia. John Ellis had land next to Samuel Smith, whose son Burwell Smith married Mary Jordan, daughter of William and Mary Jordan.

  4. Just started researching ancestors Elizabth Ellis and Thomas Walker. Woul appreciate any and all information on their line of descent.

  5. Kelly McDonald Miller

    Thomas Walker and Elizabeth Ellis were my 6th great grandparents. I descend from their son Henry Walker who married Susanna Jeffries, their daughter Edith Walker and her husband William Goff, Andrew Henry Goff and Nancy Renfro Gage, William Walker Goff and Mary Temperance Cock, Thomas Leslie Goff and Francis Suzanne Goff, Thelma Leslie Goff and Jack Robert Dempsey, Susann Ruth Dempsey and James Russell McDonald, Kelly Lynn McDonald (me).

  6. I am a direct descendant of Thomas & Betty(Elizabeth) walker through their son Benjamin. This family line migrated to Franklin County Tennessee by way of North Carolina. The Walkers later married into the Crownover or Conover family. This was a prominent family in Franklin County Tennessee. Not so much for wealth as for helping to settle the area and there being a ton of them!

    • Thank you for your Walker information; I appreciate it. I don’t think that I have any of the Crownover/Conover information. And, I didn’t have Benjamin as a son.

      Thank you for the information!

      It seems as though my research has been so sporadic.

      I am a double descendant of Thomas Walker and Elizabeth “Betty” Ellis through their daughter Betty who married John Sammon and Barbara Walker who married Matthew Jouett Williams.


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